What happens when you take the best products for ordering music tickets on the web and combine it with the best apps for discovering live music on your mobile device? Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce you to Limelight: a platform developed to allow any artist/venue to submit their show for display on both the Timbre app and SeatGeek.com.

Seatgeek and Timbre present Limelight

Limelight is a self service product for artists, managers, and whoever else has a concert they want to publicize, to add their event information to SeatGeek’s event catalog. Inclusion in our catalog means that these events will not only be listed in SeatGeek’s apps, but also on the sites and apps of hundreds of partners who use our easy-to-integrate API. (An API which not only gives developers access to every live event in North America, but is currently used by Yahoo, AOL Music and Rolling Stone.)

The process is easy. Simply click here and login with your SeatGeek account. From there you’ll be prompted to add your band or venue into our system. After entering in all the necessary details, just click the “add” button – your show will take 24-48 hours to appear on the SeatGeek/Timbre catalog. Yes, it’s really that easy, and you never even had to leave your computer chair.

Head over to Limelight and see what all the fuss is about →