Today marks the final day of the Summer 2011 Internship Program and a very sad one for me. Not just because they make me look really good, but because they were all amazing and talented people that I will truly miss. Throughout the summer we had our fair share of laughs. Would you look at this, those hardly working startup guys probably had mushroom posters in their rooms growing up, and now they think they can get link juice. Link juice was definitely a big source of these laughs.

I do most of the SEO work at SeatGeek and love to talk about link juice, because it matters, and it is just really fun to say. As a result, my interns started mocking and/or mimicking me by frequently using it themselves. Thankfully, Laura Groetzinger was nice enough to draw me this little sketch.

Link Juice Sketch

SEO Link Juice

This great sketch inspired me to ask them to send me 1 – 3 things they learned about link juice, which randomly turned into some rather clever proverbs. I leave you with these SEO Link Juice proverbs straight from the 2011 intern class.

Link Juice Proverbs

  • Like most juices, its better when its not from concentrate (domain diversity in links)
  • Your thirst for it can never be satiated (persistence and hard work pay off)
  • Naturally squeezed link juice tastes better than bought (Two sides: One is light; one is dark – natural editorial links are the best)
  • Link Free…Or Die Hard (Don’t be a juice hoarder, link to great external websites)
  • Dirty linking is not the same as dirty dancing (meaning unclear…)
  • I don’t always drink juice, but when I do, I prefer PR 7 link juice (not all links are created equal – spending 5x time getting one link might be more important than spending x time getting 10 links)
  • The juice is worth the squeeze — outreach your content (Content doesn’t get links by itself. Do your content justice by promoting it to targeted parties)

Thank you all! Enjoy the rest of college and will see you in the real world shortly.