Comedian Luis C.K., recently announced an experiment, in which he will bypass cable channels and offer his stand up show directly to consumers. The comedian, will make his show available to fans via his website for 5 dollars on December 10. The show, however, will be recorded November 10.

The comedian is no stranger to cable specials. In 2007, his stand up “Shameless”, was broadcasted on HBO. Showtime, broadcasted his Emmy Award-nominated “Chewed Up” in 2008 and most recently Epix announced they will premier his new show “Hilarious”. So, why did Louis C.K. bypass the traditional channels? According to him, Cable Channels are difficult and unnecessary platform. He states HBO gave up on producing specials and were not interested in promoting his special. Showtime, he says: “does not push stuff”.

He also bypassed Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes, claiming that with these services, users have to be members of each service. Louis hopes to create a simplify experience, in which the user pays the five dollars, and views the show. There will be no cross promotion, and no membership.

Call me old fashion, but I would prefer to watch shows live.

Louis C.K. Tickets

Thursday 7:30 PM New York, NY tickets from $189
Thursday 10:15 PM New York, NY tickets from $147
Saturday 10:30 PM New York, NY tickets from $170
Friday 8:00 PM Staten Island, NY tickets from $101