Having already opened to cacophonous acclaim on London’s West End, Matilda: The Musical is primed to replicate, or rather, compound its international success with an upcoming Broadway run. The adaptation of the Roald Dahl children’s book, about a bookworm savant born to the boorish Wormwood family, Matilda swept the Olivier Awards (the English equivalent of the Tonys) when it first debuted last year. Now that the show has successfully completed the English theater equivalent of a hat-trick –
earning critical, industry and audience approbation with the ease of a child reciting her ABCs – 2012’s Best New Musical will open previews in NYC beginning March 4.

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Although billed as a family show, Matilda isn’t all sugar and spice and everything nicely palatable. The play confronts some dark themes. Critics on either side of the Atlantic, however, have been fairly uniform in their assessment: The darkness, they claim, is expertly framed.

“Like Matilda herself, the cleverness is evident in [writer Dennis] Kelly’s nifty script, which never shirks the cruelty, or Matilda’s feelings of rejection and loneliness, even as it offers children launched into outer space via their pigtails,” says The Guardian’s Lyn Gardner. NYT critic Ben Brantley asserts Matilda spins struggle into showstoppers, “turn[ing] dark and sodden anxieties into bright and buoyant fantasies.”

While acknowledging the social ills addressed in Dahl’s original, vulgar consumerism and child neglect not least among them, Matilda also manages to entertain on the level of showmanship: a lauded songbook, witty script, swings-on-a-stage. Like Miss Honey, that paragon of an educator, Matilda appears neither to preach nor pander to a young audience that deserves every bit of Matilda’s own hard-won respect.

In other words, Matildia: The Musical is looking like the hottest thing to hit Broadway since the introduction of neon advertisements. Tickets for all Shubert Theater performances are on sale now, so don’t forget to keep scrolling for our list of discount links!

Matilda: The Musical Broadway Tickets

Matilda: The Musical Broadway Cast


Sophia Gennusa
Oona Laurence
Bailey Ryon
Milly Shapiro

Miss Trunchbull

Bertie Carvel

Mrs. Wormwood

Lesli Margherita

Mr. Wormwood

Gabriel Ebert

Miss Honey

Lauren Ward

Mrs. Phelps

Karen Aldridge


Ted Wilson

Matilda: The Musical Musical Numbers

Act I


Miracle Children, Doctor, Mrs. Wormwood, Mr. Wormwood, Matilda
Naughty Matilda
School Song Children, Teacher
Pathetic Miss Honey
The Hammer Miss Trunchbull
The Chokey Chant Company
Loud Mrs. Wormwood, Rudolpho
This Little Girl Miss Honey
Bruce Miss Trunchbull, Children

Act II


Telly Mr. Wormwood, Michael, Company
Entr’acte Musicians
When I Grow Up Miss Honey, Matilda, Company
I’m Here Matilda, Escapologist
The Smell of Rebellion Miss Trunchbull, Children
Quiet Matilda
My House Miss Honey, Mr. Honey, Matilda
Revolting Children Children
When I Grow Up (Reprise) All

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Matilda: The Musical Poster

Poster for 'Matilda: The Musical'

Matilda: The Musical Avg. Ticket Prices

CityStateVenue NameDateAvg. Price

New York NY Shubert Theatre – NY 3/4/2013 $168.40
New York NY Shubert Theatre – NY 4/3/2013 $297.00
New York NY Shubert Theatre – NY 4/6/2013 $298.00
New York NY Shubert Theatre – NY 4/13/2013 $60.00
New York NY Shubert Theatre – NY 4/20/2013 $283.00
New York NY Shubert Theatre – NY 4/27/2013 $283.00
New York NY Shubert Theatre – NY 4/28/2013 $261.00
New York NY Shubert Theatre – NY 5/11/2013 $206.00
New York NY Shubert Theatre – NY 5/18/2013 $206.00

Matilda: The Musical Video Clips

“When I Grow Up”




“Revolting Children”