After all of the speculation of last week, 22 year old golfer Rory McIlroy shocked the golf world by crushing the competition in this weekend’s US Open. Golf analysts had been wondering if any player would finish under par at the challenging Congressional Course–McIllroy finished the tournament at 16 under, setting a new US Open record for lowest overall score. The second place finisher, Lee Westwood, was 7 strokes away.

McIlroy shows his wild side while celebrating his first Major championship.

In light of his outstanding performance, many are drawing similarities between McIlroy and a young Tiger Woods.  If the Tiger era is drawing to a close, does this then mark the beginning of the McIlroy era?  Rory, who was already sporting several promotion deals, is sure to attract a wave of sponsorship interest in the Open aftermath.  The clean-cut, talented, friendly young Irishman may be just the person to fill the void created by Tiger’s downfall.

One thing is for sure: McIlroy provided US Open spectators with all of the excitement they were hoping for. His amazing performance even touched one of the world’s biggest tennis stars. Raphael Nadal called McIlroy his “inspiration” for this week’s Wimbledon tournament in England.

Does McIlroy have what it takes to fill Tiger’s shoes? Let us know what you think by commenting below!