YouTube may be one of the only mediums where one can be wildly famous online, yet completely unknown in the “real world.” Everyday hundreds of people are making millions from their daily vlogs, makeup tutorials and sponsored videos, yet few have ever even appeared on network television. Miranda Sings–the brainchild of Colleen Ballinger–is one of the few exceptions to this rule.

The satirical Internet character came to fruition in 2008, as a response to the hoards of bad but hopeful YouTube singers looking to break into show business through the video channel. Now, with over 3.5 million subscribers, Miranda Sings is everybody’s favorite oddball, arrogant, hilarious and completely unaware YouTube singing sensation. And you can finally catch her in the flesh on tour this summer.

Miranda Sings’ “Summer Camp” tour kicks off in the United States on April 23 in Portsmouth, NH, with dates throughout the East and West Coasts, as well as the Midwest and a few stops in the South. Check below for a full list of shows, as well as tickets currently available on the secondary market.

Miranda Sings Summer Camp Tour Dates

Location Date
Portsmouth, NH 04/23/15
Providence, RI 04/24/15
Hartford, CT 04/25/15
Hartford, CT 04/25/15
Westbury, NY 04/26/15
Westbury, NY 04/26/15
Stockton, CA 05/14/15
Oakland, CA 05/16/15
Redding, CA 05/17/15
Oslo 06/02/15
Amsterdam 06/04/15
Antwerpen 06/05/15
Stockholm 06/06/15
Stockholm 06/07/15
Minneapolis, MN 08/05/15
Green Bay, WI 08/06/15
Milwaukee, WI 08/07/15
Chicago, IL 08/08/15
Toledo, OH 08/09/15
Cincinnati, OH 08/11/15
Columus, OH 08/12/15
Redding, PA 08/13/15
New York, NY 08/14/15
Northampton, MA 08/15/15
Boston, MA 08/16/15
Philadelphia, PA 08/19/15
Baltimore, MD 08/20/15
Richmond, VA 08/21/15
Norfolk, VA 08/22/15
Charlotte, NC 08/23/15

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