How much have you paid for tickets to see your favorite team or artist? If you are like me it is no where near $1,000 — I don’t think I have ever exceeded $100. But not everyone is like you and I. Not sure if it’s the Bankers, Zucks, or what, but there are people out there spending not just $1,000, but over $3,000 on ONE ticket to ONE event.

Yesterday, I looked at the most expensive concert tickets where I showed the ~50 most expensive concert events in the history of SeatGeek. In that post we discovered that Sting’s upcoming 60th birthday concert – a prelude to his Back to Bass tour has the most expensive concert tickets in the history of SeatGeek with an average price of $1,073.83.

This immediately sparked my curiosity about how this stacked up against the most expensive tickets for other major event types like the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and college sports. When I came in today I decided to do a little investigation. I found the hottest event from each “league” and then calculated the average price for that event.

By graphing these together it is easy to see which event types cook up (crap I have been watching too much Breaking Bad) the most demand for their respective major events/championships/etc. It is probably no surprise that the Super Bowl is by far the most expensive, but some of the other’s are much less intuitive and therefore much more interesting. Ok, let’s look at the data where we compare prices for the Super Bowl to the BCS Championship to the NCAA Final Four & More…

Most Costly Tickets – Price Comparison

Most Expensive Tickets
UPDATE FIX – in the graph above it should read Oregon v Auburn, NOT LSU, hat tip to @TeamOneJ
The data below is duplicative of the graph above, but included for those that wanted the raw numbers, not an image.

Event Avg. Price
2011 Super Bowl (Packers vs. Steelers) $3,067.13
2011 Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 $1,927.55
2011 BCS Championship (Oregon v Auburn) $1,351.62
Sting 60th Birthday Concert (in NYC) $1,073.83
2010 World Series Game 1 (Rangers at Giants) $939.89
2011 NBA Finals – Game 5 (Heat at Mavs) $686.61
UFC 126 (Belfort vs. Silva) $567.26
2011 Final Four (semifinals) $392.27

Notes on the Most Expensive Events

  • Super Bowl tickets costed 59% more than the next most expensive ticket, which was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals
  • For as much hype as there was around BCS Championship tickets, they are only 3rd on our list of the most expensive events at an absurd $1,351.62 to see Cam Newton do his thing
  • Game 5 was the most expensive NBA finals game, game 6 was at Miami – throughout the series, games in Dallas were more expensive
  • The BCS Championship was 279% more expensive than the NCAA Basketball Championship
  • The Final Four 2-game session was slightly more expensive than the UConn vs. Butler championship (probably a combination of double the amount of fan groups competing for tickets and the fact that the Butler/UConn game was certainly one of the softest in recent memory…Go Huskies!)
  • I am a huge MMA fan so it was nice to see a UFC event achieving such high demand – keep in mind that on Avg. UFC events have some of the highest prices in the game because each event is supposed to have a noteworthy main event…except UFC 119 and a few others in recent history
  • Sting’s concert is so high because it is in NYC at an intimate venue, Beacon Theatre, which has a seating capacity of only 2,894. Plus it’s Sting! And he is turning 60.

Closing Thoughts on Expensive Tickets

Have you gone to one of these events in the past? I have actually had the luxury of going to the Final Four in 2007 when Georgetown made their run, but I was able to get a student ticket. I would like to get to a UFC event, which I will if the city of New York ever allows MMA. Some of these, i.e. Super Bowl, BCS Game, etc. are just insane and I think if I went to one of those events I would be eating egg pasta for the foreseeable future.

Anyways, I hope you all have a chance to attend the event of your dreams, even if you do have to splurge a little.