The NBA All-Star Games are set for this weekend at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The main event is happening on Sunday (Valentine’s Day plans anyone?), with the other games (celebrity edition, rising stars, all-star practice and dunk contest) falling on the days before. Currently the all-star game is far and away the most expensive ticket, with an average resale price of $1,037 a ticket.

Avg. Resale Price for NBA All-Star Weekend

Event Avg. Ticket Price
NBA All-Star Celebrity Game $195
NBA All-Star Rising Stars Challenge $119
NBA All-Star Practice $134
NBA All-Star Saturday Night Dunk and 3-Point Contests $726
NBA All-Star Game $1,037

As a comparison, last year’s All-Star Game in New York had an average resale price of $1,121, and the dunk contest had an average resale price of $674. This year’s All-Star Game is actually the eighth most expensive NBA event we have seen since we started tracking the secondary market in 2010. The only events that topped it were four Finals games from this year, a Finals game from 2010, and the All-Star Games in Los Angeles and New York.

These are actually by far the two most expensive events we have tracked in the Toronto area, topping things like the Maple Leafs playoff games and the Wold Junior Hockey Championships. The only events in all of Canada that we have seen with higher average resale prices since 2010 were Games 5 and 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup in Vancouver.

NBA All-Star Game Tickets

As a comparison the average price of a Raptors ticket this season is $83. That means you could buy the average ticket to 12 Raptors games this year for the price of the average ticket to this year’s All-Star Game.

The good news is that prices have come down for all five events in the past weeks, so fans who waited until now to buy tickets can certainly save a little money. Do you want to attend one of the all-star games in Toronto? Click here to view all tickets and events.