The price comparison of 2011 NBA playoff tickets and 2011 NHL finals tickets is kind of a no brainer – as the only two professional sports that have coinciding playoffs, it’s a natural comparison, and (we think) a unique way to gauge each sport’s popularity in terms of home attendence demand.

Last year we took a look at both championships’ ticket prices after each series had been decided, and we were surprised to find that, despite the fact that basketball tends to overshadow hockey in the American sports media, NHL ticket prices were actually (generally) the higher of the two during the finals.

To assess NBA Finals vs NHL Finals ticket prices we’re currently looking at each team’s home ticket price average on the secondary market, and later this week (after a few games) we’ll take a closer look and see if the drama and/or momentum of each series has any affect on prices.


Now, if I had to make a guess as to which of the 4 NBA/NHL teams have the most in-demand tickets, based on national media coverage, I definitely would have guessed the Heat – but I was surprised to find that Miami Heat tickets were the cheapest amongst the four teams participating in the playoffs right now.

  • Both Boston Bruins tickets and Canucks tickets are above both NBA teams’ prices (see also our complete guide to Stanley Cup Ticket Prices)

Image via Flickr user slidingsideways.