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With all of the confusion and uncertainty surrounding this year’s football season, fans have been wary of purchasing tickets. Obviously, they don’t want to spend money on seats to a game that might not happen. As we talked about in our post last week ( we believe that it is highly unlikely that the NFL season would actually be canceled. There is just too much money on the line for that to happen. However, as reflected by a devastating decrease in NFL ticket sales, fans seem less sure of this.

To see just how much the industry has suffered, we took a look at 2010 vs 2011 NFL ticket prices and sales up to June 20th of each year.

Ticket prices across some of the NFL’s biggest teams have been selling for dramatically less in 2011 than 2010.  The most obvious of these is NY Giants tickets, which sold for an average of $242 from 4/19 to 6/20 last year. This year, they have been averaging $177 a ticket.

In contrast to the rest of the teams we looked at, Green Bay Packer’s ticket prices actually increased from their 2010 average. However, this can be attributed to the fact that they were Super Bowl Champions for the ’10-’11 season.

Even more telling than the change in NFL ticket prices is the decrease in the number of sales. For all of the teams we looked at, average number of sales dropped by atleast 50%. This is a huge number: 50% a day for 2 months is a total of 30.5 days of lost ticket sales per team .  Furthermore, there are some teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, that have suffered even greater decreases in sales–their sales went down near 90%.

So, though we here at SeatGeek are optimistic about the NFL lockout ending, football fans are demonstrating a much less confident attitude. The dramatic decreases in ticket sales and prices means that, if and when the lockout ends, the NFL will have some serious catching up to do.

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