Nikon at Jones Beach Theater unveiled their “Backstage Oasis” last Friday, a 2,800-capacity area near the stage which will provide alcohol to non-VIP concertgoers. Alcohol has long been forbidden at the otherwise-lovely venue due to it being registered as a New York State Park. Those unfamiliar with the theater might not realize the awesomeness of this, but anybody whose ever tried to shove multiple water-bottles filled with whisky in their underwear, only to be thoroughly patted down by security and ultimately made to lift up their dress in front of an entire line of people to remove said water-bottle, will be stoked by this news. (Have I said too much?)

The Backstage Oasis also includes TV monitors, couches and local food trucks. Sadly, the alcohol must be consumed within the area before folks can return to their seats. Baby steps, right?

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