We have two bits of news today.  One, we launched a revamped version of the site with a new UI.  Two, we closed a round of funding.  Both were covered today by TechCrunch.

The funding news largely speaks for itself.  Early-stage startups raise money to accelerate growth; we are no exception.  We hooked up with a group of angels whom we think will add real value to our company.  All of them are experienced, successful entrepreneurs.

The new UI deserves a bit more explanation.  SeatGeek’s primary focus is on timing when you buy your tickets—our price forecasts enable you to buy tickets when prices are lowest.   We help you find the optimal time to buy.  By “optimal time to buy”, I mean the time the average price is the lowest.

But even when you know the average price is lowest, you still have to decide which particular ticket to buy.  For example, right now it’s the optimal time to buy tickets to the Wizards vs. Kicks game on February 3.  But there are 1,000+ tickets available.  Which one should you buy?

Our revamped UI addresses this problem.  We just launched interactive seating maps that overlay ticket listings on top of the map, enabling you to see where each ticket is located in the venue.  Additionally, for sporting events we color each listing based on how good a deal it is.  Green tickets are good deals, yellow are average deals, and red are bad deals.

These new maps were built in partnership with SeatQuest.  Over the past few months we’ve been busy integrating them into our site.  There are still a few performance issues—everything is running a little slower than we’d like—but for the most part we’re happy with the integration.   We’d love to hear feedback from you.