Welcome to Podcast Tuesday, where our D.C.-dwelling friends at MaDCap hook us up with the latest and greatest in the world of music and entertainment interviews. They recently sat down with YACHT–a synth-pop duo comprised of Claire L. Evans and Jona Bechtolt –to discuss artistic expression, extraterrestrials, and a whole lot more. So, what did we learn? 

How are surprises important in the creation process?

JonaWe’re always thinking about surprises. Because as consumers of media and music, we want to be surprised. And I think that’s our biggest influence for doing anything, is how we would receive it as consumers. I love being surprised when it comes to anything–any art, specifically. I want to be surprised, I want to make surprises for people.

Can you talk about the idea that extraterrestrial life may keep us honest?

Claire: We are just but a carbon-based life form on a carbon-based round thing floating in an infinitude of space. And the idea that we would be alone in the universe is on one hand horrifyingly lonely, and on the other hand enables us to feel like we are the masters of the universe. That the spark of creation landed only here and now and that we are special and unique. The moment that we realize that that is not true it sort of de-centers the human race or de-centers the planet.

What Yacht song means the most to you?

Jona: Everything we make there’s a grace period of us being in love with it for like five minutes and then we hate it. So I think right now that grace period we’re in with “Plastic Soul,” our most recent song.

Claire: We still love “Plastic Soul.” Everything else–garbage.

Listen to the entire interview below, courtesy of MaDCapdc.org

MaDCap with YACHT