Yesterday President Barack Obama spoke with Marv Albert of TNT about the NBA.  During their conversation Albert asked President Obama what change he would make if he was Commissioner of the NBA.  The President’s answer was that he would like to see the NBA, and all other sports leagues, make their tickets more affordable for average people.  At the 3:24 mark of this video you can watch his full response:

It’s a nice sound bite, but it’s unlikely teams will voluntarily decrease their bottom lines in the name of accessible ticket prices (would Obama suggest car companies drop their prices to make cars more accessible?). But that doesn’t mean that folks with small budgets can’t still see live events–you just need to know where to look.

Our data shows that almost 40% of tickets sold on the secondary market go for less than face value.  Ticket box offices aren’t like department stores–they don’t have sales.  If you’re looking for bargain basement ticket prices, the secondary market is the place to find them.  And we recommend using an intelligent ticket aggregator (like, ahem, SeatGeek) to make sure you can see all available tickets and identify the best deal.