Still trying to find tickets to Hamilton that won’t cost you several Benjamin Franklins? Check out our insider tips and learn how to save money on Hamilton tickets when shopping on SeatGeek.

Why Buy Hamilton Tickets on SeatGeek?

We might be a little biased, but when it comes to finding reliable secondary market Hamilton tickets SeatGeek is a top option. The company’s Deal Score functionality helps users make sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck, and one can easily shop around for the lowest get-in ticket price for multiple show dates and times. Plus, their buyer guarantee states that your tickets will be delivered–and valid–in time for the event.

Waiting to Buy Can Pay Off

If you don’t mind being spontaneous, waiting until the day of the play can often save a theater-goer money when buying tickets. While it’s not a guarantee that prices will drop, sellers with remaining inventory are eager to rid themselves of extra tickets, thus costs go down the closer it gets to show time. Track Hamilton on SeatGeek and get notified when prices fluctuate.

Wait Until the Cast Rotates

When Hamilton creator/star Lin Manuel Miranda departed the cast back in 2016, ticket prices dropped to the lowest they had been in months. Waiting until the current crop of stars turns over is a good way to score some lower-than-average priced tickets. We promise the new talent will be just as good.

Take a Road Trip

Did you know that Hamilton is in the midst of a national tour? Save money on booking that trip to New York City and instead browse all of the various locations to find a city closer to you. Tickets in smaller cities will likely be less expensive than those on the Great White Way.

Go to a Show During the Week

As with any live event, weekend tickets are often the most expensive because that’s when the majority of people have time off of work. For folks looking to save money on Hamilton tickets, heading to a mid-week performance can save you some serious dough. Not to mention those post-play dinner rezzies will be a lot easier to come by when you’re not competing with the rest of the city on a Friday night.