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We spend so much time writing about sports, concerts, theater and internal company news on this blog that we were starting to feel a bit selfish. Especially today when we are getting a lot of press about our newly launched Columbus service, we wanted to extend some praise to some other companies and products we enjoy.

Why a shout out series? Because once a month or so we will be doing a brief roundup of peer companies that we think you all might be interested in learning more about. We will not be discussing “pivots” or giving unnecessarily authoritative diatribes about the tech industry – just sharing some cool services. Enjoy.

The Companies


First off is Tutorspree, which is a great resource to find private tutors. I have been able to meet with one of their co-founders Ryan Bednar on several occasions here in NYC and he is a really good guy, which always makes supporting a company a lot easier. Check them out.

Second on our short-list today is and company that provides “Insights for the web’s best publishers” where they are piloting with many major publishers to solve large-scale data problems.


Finally, although not NYC based, GiftRocket provides some great services in the online gift cards space. “GiftRocket combines the thoughtfulness of a gift certificate with the flexibility of cash.”

And many of these companies are hiring, so check out their jobs pages. Check back later today for a more in depth post on our newly launched feature, “columbus”.