If you’ve been under a rock or no living in North America for the past year or so, you may not be familiar with the tale of Toronto, ON mayor Rob Ford, so let’s break it down for you: in a nutshell, he was caught on video smoking crack and making derogatory terms about, well, everyone, but especially the LGBT community. He also admitted to participating in “drunken stupors” and public intoxication. Despite all this, he kept his position and kept campaigning. And of course, they’re making a musical about his shenanigans. Rob Ford the Musical: Birth of a Ford Nation is set to premiere this September (running from the 16 to the 28) at Toronto’s Second City Training Center. It’s being dubbed as an “unabashed, take-no-prisoners comedy,” and who knows—if it does well, maybe it will come stateside, eh? Ticketing information and on-sale dates are available via the musical’s website.

On May 1 of this year, Ford took a leave of absence from his position as mayor and from his campaign for re-election in order to enter drug rehabilitation, so, while we’re laughing at the uproarious music lampooning his saga, we hope he’s on the mend.

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