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Tomorrow through the end of the day Friday, SeatGeek will be having an internal Hackathon where we group into teams of two and work on anything to “further the goals of SeatGeek”. This could be non-product related like making our supplies re-up process more efficient, but it can also can be a new feature/idea for the website.

We already have a ton of cool features like Deal Score, Ticket Search, Email Alerts, event discovery (basic), price forecasts and much more. But we want to make SeatGeek even cooler!

The “winners” of the Hackathon contest get iPads. So that is where you all come in. Help me with ideas and you could see one of them live on the site very soon. Of course I am not purely selfish, I will give out a $50 amazon gift card if your idea is original and ends up winning (I will be honest as to whether or not it was original) and an invite to the exclusive SeatGeek 2 year anniversary party at Good Units, you been Good Units, have you been to Good Units? We are having an open bar and an all you can eat cereal bar with everyone cereal from around the world (none of that is true, but you will get invited to the TBD location).

Don’t scoff at the prize, as the only contender that writes on the blog, I am going Rogue on this one (aka dark for Jack Bauer fans). This contest is sponsored by me, not SeatGeek.

SeatGeek Hackathon Contest Details

The below is copied from an informal lunch presentation.


  • Starts: Sept 22 at 10a w/ Kickoff (breakfast provided)
  • Ends: Sept 23 at 6p with Demos (beer provided)
  • Team size: Two people in each
  • Prizes: iPad 1st place, Apple TV for 2nd place
  • Judging committee: Jack and Russ
  • Food: All meals provided


  • Everyone comes to kickoff with an idea and a two minute presentation about why it’s worth building
  • Four teams are formed around the strongest ideas
  • Up to you who you work with, but it’s encouraged to pair with someone who you don’t normally spend lots of time with

Building Stuff

  • Only rule about what you build: has to further the goals of SG
  • Other than that, everything about what you build is up for grabs: the technology you choose, who it serves (SG users, SG team, someone else),
  • The four teams each give a 7-10 min demo at 6p on Friday
  • Post Hackathon party?

So, what do you want to see on SeatGeek?

Please share your ideas with me in the comments below or on Twitter @SeatGeek. Thanks in advance. Even if we don’t end up working on the idea during this Hackathon, everyone at the company will make note of what you share, so let us know what you like/dislike/want added/want removed/want improved, etc.

Image via Flickr user aubele