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What We Do

Here at SeatGeek, it’s our goal to give you, the fan, the best possible experience. To do this, we gather incredible amounts of data on sports and concert tickets, analyzing them for price trends and patterns. Then, when you come to look for tickets for your favorite team or artist, we can help you decide which tickets will give you the best deal. You can also sign up for a SeatGeek account and then let us know which teams and artists you like the most, allowing us to tell you when you can snag some great deals to see those performers in person. To try this out you can use our search bar to find your favorite team or artist or just browse around from our home, concert, or league main pages.


Along with helping you find the best deals for all your tickets, our massive amounts of data lets us find cool, informative facts about everything from ticket prices to Justin Bieber tweets. We like to use infographics to make all of this information easily accessible, comprehensible, and, most of all, enjoyable. These infographics have also been featured on other sites, such as CBS and NBC Sports. Even though all these infographics are great, they weren’t always easy to find, so we decided to bring them all together. To check out all of the awesome infographics we’ve done so far, just head on over to the hub page for either our music or sports infographics.