As mentioned yesterday, today is the first SeatGeek Hackathon. We just got underway a couple hours back, but I’ll keep yall posted on what we are working on. Feedback encouraged.

So it begins…

Day 1

SeatGeek co-founder @JackGretz just Tweeted:

Today/Fri is the first @SeatGeek hackathon. Early money is on the @acslater00 & @liamondrop team. @chadburgess & @savant are a dark horse.

But he is clowning, we are the team to beat. It’s Project Shine, but all the Is are Ys, all the Es are 3s, and all the As don’t exist. We are making buying NFL tickets more social, mobile, local, and strictly HTML5 compatible than ever before. Project Shyn3 FTW!
seatgeek hackathon planning

Day 2

Just launched at LaunchRock. That’s all it takes right?

Still the Web’s best ticket search engine, but with more FREE stuff.
This is a hackathon project by @savant and @chadburgess to help reward SeatGeek’s fans.

TBD, winner announced