A few days at we publicly launched SeatGeek at the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco.  We got up on the main stage at TC50 and, in front of a live audience of 2,000+ and a streaming audience of another 8,000+, we described what SeatGeek does and how we think we can revolutionize the way people buy tickets.  And then, right after we hopped off stage, Russ FTP’ed a few files and voilà, the site went live.  Here’s a link to the presentation video.

Things have been quiet on this blog recently; apologies for that.  TC50 is a superb event for startups, but the participation requirements stipulated we not talk publicly about our business nor our forthcoming launch.  So, instead of awkwardly blogging about SeatGeek without even saying what the hell we do, Russ and I put our heads down and focused on making the site as useful and stunning as possible for our public launch.

But, thankfully, the moratorium has now been lifted.  So expect more activity here.  We’ve gotten some great positive press after our launch, nearly all of it positive, including articles by the LA Times, Fast Company, VentureBeat, and CNET.

Near term plans for Russ and I include:

  • Building our team by hiring a CTO and a few developers
  • Raising money–we’ve begun raising a seed round of $500k-$1M
  • Adding NFL forecasts.  They’re nearly ready, and they’re looking awesome.
  • Launching our premium broker service, SeatGeek Pro