New York, NY – July 13, 2010 – SeatGeek (, the only site that forecasts how sports and concert ticket prices move on the secondary market, announced the launch of a new localized ticketing widget to surface local events and unique forecasting content to sports fans, while offering bloggers and partners sites additional revenue opportunities.

What is the Widget

When SeatGeek’s Partnership with FanFeedr was first announced, we briefly discussed the widget which displays locally relevant ticketing data to users based on their location, with content that site owners can set up to fit the topic of their site.  Below we go into more detail:

SeatGeek aggregates and forecasts the price of sports and concert tickets on the secondary ticket market and was created to solve the following problem:

The Problem:

Will sports and concert tickets prices rise or fall?

The Solution:

We forecast ticket prices with a high degree of accuracy (>80%) allowing sports and music fan to use SeatGeek to buy tickets when they are least expensive.

The SeatGeek widget combines this solution into a robust and relevant tool for website owners and bloggers who can in turn offer additional value to their users by surfacing upcoming events in their area, as well as unique forecasting content. Website owners can customize the widget for a specific team, artist, or league and the widget will geo-locate to offer tickets only for the user’s location.

The widget displays upcoming events, event date/time, and a forecast of whether prices are forecasted to rise, fall, or hold. If fans are interested in attending the game, and prices are forecasted to rise or hold, they can select ‘Find Tickets’ to get started by browsing SeatGeek’s aggregated ticket listings.

Widget Benefits for Fans

  • Stay on top of upcoming events in your area
  • Know when prices for upcoming events are forecasted to rise so you can buy and save
  • Know when prices are going to fall so you can sign up for an email alert and purchase later when prices are at their lowest
  • Keep track of events for your favorite artists and teams while browsing the blogs and websites that are already in your browsing schedule

Widget Benefits for Bloggers

  • The content matches the interests of the blog readers – whether sports, music, a specific team, a specific city, or a specific league
  • The SeatGeek widget allows bloggers to display SeatGeek’s proprietary ticket forecasts
  • Bloggers are able to add an additional revenue stream in a way that is not disruptive like many forms of display advertising

Widget Benefits for Partner Sites

  • SeatGeek developers can customize widgets to fit the specific needs of partner sites
  • In addition to widgets, SeatGeek’s development team can build out full team and league schedule pages with the ability to view upcoming games and buy tickets

For partnership inquiries, please contact Nihar Singhal at nihar[at] If you would like to setup a widget yourself, it is available on the SeatGeek Partner Program page. As you may have already noticed, you can see a live sample of our widgets on all of our blogs, including the SeatGeek Sports Blog and the SeatGeek Music Blog.