SeatGeek Powers Artist Listings For DuckDuckGoAt SeatGeek’s core lies search–the majority of users that come to SeatGeek intend to buy tickets for a specific team, artist, or event, a query that can easily be fulfilled thanks to our super fast autocomplete powered by Soulmate. But what about fans that are searching for events outside of SeatGeek?

We’re excited to share that SeatGeek listings are now available on DuckDuckGo, the incredibly fast, user friendly, and privacy conscious search engine. Simply search for an artist like U2, Phish or Taylor Swift on DuckDuckGo and you’ll find a schedule of upcoming shows, as well as average ticket prices, like this:

SeatGeek results for "U2" query on DuckDuckGo

“SeatGeek provides useful ticket information that you can’t get anywhere else, so it’s really a no-brainer to include them in our Zero-click Info boxes,” said Gabriel Weinberg, founder of DuckDuckGo.

Check out DuckDuckGo today, and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter @SeatGeek.