SeatGeek works to find you the best prices for tickets. We pride ourselves on offering the widest selection of tickets on the web, with options at various price points for every type of fan. However, if you do find a lower price elsewhere, we’ll add an amount equal to 110% of the difference between the price you found and SeatGeek’s price to your SeatGeek account.

How to Submit a Price Match Guarantee Request

Take a screenshot of the confirmation page or email via SeatGeek and then take a second screenshot with the price available on another website. Please note that these screenshots need to occur within ten minutes after you receive confirmation of the purchase from SeatGeek, with a timestamp for each screenshot.

Submit your claim to Your submission must include your name, phone number, the email address associated with your SeatGeek account, the full URL of the website where you found the lower-priced ticket, the order number for the SeatGeek ticket(s), and attach both screenshots.

Any incomplete submissions may cause a delay in processing or termination of the submission.

Want to learn more about our price match guarantee? Click here to read the terms & conditions in full.