Sometimes we get users asking us for third-party reviews of SeatGeek. This is typically when they are just discovering us and are confirming our trustworthiness. I usually send these people a couple articles journalist have written about us and they seem pretty grateful.

SeatGeek: Buying Tickets Just Got as Painless as Possible


Today though I happened to be searching for reviews of SeatGeek and noticed a competing ticketing site had targeted that term to give their review of us which is of course a huge conflict of interest, so thanks bud. Anyways I’ll link to both journalistic and customer reviews below so you can read more about from the fans that use us and the publications that cover us.

SeatGeek Reviews Around the Web

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Forbes: SeatGeek and the secondary ticket market
Better Business Bureau: BBB Business Review (Grade A)
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Inc.: What Kayak did for airline tickets, Russ D’Souza and Jack Groetzinger hope to do for the events ticketing industry with SeatGeek.
themuse: SeatGeek
Crunchbase: profile
Techcrunch: SeatGeek on Techcrunch

SeatGeek Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews form the App Store

Nice app

by andrewUstead2
It’s my go to when looking for Dodgers tickets. Amazing how cheap those are! I’m a big fan of the event discovery features, helps me plan my night.

Solid app

by Dylan V
Everything you could possibly want for buying tickets


by Tehturnip
If I have my iphone on me while deciding on tickets, seat geek is always the go to option, highly recommended!

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