At SeatGeek, we’ve noticed that early May marks the beginning of the busiest season of the year in terms of major events. Summer concerts and festivals are happening in every corner of the country, the MLB season is heating up and the NBA and NHL are in the midst of exciting playoff stretch runs.

So right in time for this season, we’ve pushed out an exciting new update to SeatGeek’s app for iPhone (free download here) that will make it even easier for you to discover events you’ll love – and provide the best possible way to save money on tickets for those events.

To complement the immersive interactive maps, Deal Score and exhaustive search functionality that sits at the core of our original iPhone app, we’ve added three exciting new features in SeatGeek for iPhone v1.1 that will help you discover and enjoy live events:

  • A new “Explore” feature that surfaces upcoming events in your area
  • New view from seat images for most major venues
  • Direct links on event pages to primary box office pages

Explore Feature Helps You Discover New Shows in Your Area

The addition of our new “Explore” feature was the most significant update of v1.1 and provides iPhone users with a way to discover new events in their area – a functionality we already provide on the SeatGeek web application in the form of our Columbus event recommendation calendar.

There are scores of apps out there that aspire to provide event recommendations. Most require users to provide copious amounts of personal data before any recommendations are generated.

We wanted to take a much less intrusive approach with our Explore feature. When you hit the “Explore Events” button on the main page, you’ll be presented with an elegant, scrollable list of popular events in your area, assorted across different genres, artists and teams. Once you find an event you like, you’ll see the specific dates that artists is playing, as well as a new scrollable list of additional shows by similar artists. As you “explore” through these recommendations, you can easily drill down to the perfect show that might match your interest with a few flicks of your thumb – with no log-in or scan and match required.

SeatGeek's Explore page helps iPhone users discover new events in their area

View From Seat Images for 100+ Venues

One of our most popular features on the SeatGeek web app are the real view-from-seat images we provide when a user mouses over a given ticket listing on our interactive stadium maps. We wanted to bring that same functionality over to the iPhone, so this update included a new Ticket Detail page that incorporates a high-quality image of the view from your seat in most major sports venues.

The image can be panned around so that you can see all aspects of the stadium from that particular location. We’ve got support for over 100 venues already and will add even more in the near future.

SeatGeek's new iPhone app update adds real live view from seat images to the ticket search experience

Direct Link to Primary Box Office Page

At SeatGeek, we’ve worked hard to pull in as many sources of event tickets online as possible — both from major secondary market sites like StubHub, TicketsNow and Ebay as well as smaller vendors across North America. But as our goal is to provide consumers with ALL ticketing options for an event, we want to make sure you can check in on the primary box office as well.

Our updated iPhone app will allow you to do just that, as we’ve now included a link to the primary box office. We know that there are many great concerts out there that don’t have an active secondary market (e.g., the show is in a small venue, or it’s an up-and-coming band), so this new feature should allow for users to land tickets to virtually any event in our system.

Users of the SeatGeek iPhone App can now easily navigate to the primary box office for most events with direct links found on the info page for each event.

How To Download The SeatGeek iOS App

If you haven’t yet downloaded the SeatGeek app, you can do so by clicking the link below. It’s free and it will help you save serious cash on event tickets this summer (and beyond).

Download the SeatGeek iPhone App Today -- It is a free download

And if you have already downloaded the app, we’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Feel free to email us at or tweet us at @SeatGeek anytime!