A lot of us here at SeatGeek are math geeks (myself included). We share a unique passion for sports, music, and math. As strange as that may seem, we have found our groove analyzing ticket data for sports and concerts. We have been crunching a lot of numbers recently in an effort to present some interesting stats to our readers, but not all of it shows up here on the main Blog. If you like sports data make sure you are also subscribed to our Sports Blog, as some of our best posts are coming through that channel.  Here are a few of my recent favorites:

As much as we love math, we aren’t all business here. Much like Jack Bauer seems to go rogue every third season of 24, Justin – a member of our social media team – goes rogue with a rant more than we would like. Connect with him on the Sports Blog and Bleacher Report.

Looking for specific reports or analysis in the future? Comment your ideas below or email me at chad[at]seatgeek.com.