Disclosure does not want to be labeled. At least, that’s what the pair of brothers – Guy and Howard Lawrence (ages 22 and 19, respectively) – told thestoolpigeon.co.uk in a 2010 interview. Of course, this was back when they only had four songs out and were still relative unknowns in the UK and the States. A lot has changed since then: after a seemingly effortless rise to fame, the duo is trading in beat drops and bass lines for a softer, more melodic approach to EDM. Their debut album, “Settle,” is being hailed as one of the freshest, catchiest and most accessible electronic records of the year, and features already established hits like “Latch,” “You & Me,” and “White Noise,” which peaked at No. 1 on the UK dance chart earlier this year.

People are eager to classify the type of music Disclosure makes, but it’s difficult based on their young age and wide range of influences. The brothers, who hail from Surrey, England, were born into a musical family (their father and uncle were in bands, and their mother used to do radio jingles) and grew up listening to rap, ‘80s pop and progressive rock. It wasn’t until a few years back that the two were exposed to the ‘90s UK garage and dance music, and “Disclosure” as an entity was born.

While some music aficionados may be taken aback by the sudden and swift success of these two brothers, we here at SeatGeek can’t say we’re surprised. We took note of Guy and Howard earlier this year when they moved approximately $3,600 in ticket sales on the secondary market for a show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. That’s about $400 more than current rap sensations Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who played a gig at the same venue back in 2011. Only a year after said gig did the group hit No. 2 in the iTunes Store with their album “The Heist.” If Disclosure continues at the same rate, they could very well be blazing the next path in EDM and house music around the world.

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