When Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal released two songs under the moniker “Rhye” last year, there were no interviews, no hype, no buzz. In fact, there was no knowledge at all of who was behind the sensual sounds and vocals on tracks “Open” and “The Fall.” Just some sexy promo photographs featuring a woman’s bare back and a woman’s bare torso, followed by two impeccably produced, powerful music videos. Then, in March, the band unveiled a full-length album, and a bit more insight into the project that they had kept shrouded in mystery.

Canada-born Milosh and Danish Hannibal first met in 2010, when they were both doing work on a project called Quadron. Sharing the same record label, the two also shared similar styles, and spent a week working on music together in a Copenhagen studio. When the two both moved to Los Angeles independently of each other, it seemed only natural that they’d sync up for more collaboration. And thus, Rhye was born.

The music is a mixture of soft, synthetic sounds accompanied by Sade-like vocals, which leave you feeling like you either just got dumped or just fell in love. It’s worth noting that Milosh is the one singing on most of these tracks, another shocker to inquisitive journalists: “you mean that’s not a female’s voice?” Their LP, Woman, was well received throughout the music community, earning itself a 79/100 on Metacritic, a music review aggregator, and a nomination for a 2013 Polaris Music Prize. The duo followed up the album release with a small tour of North America, including gigs in Los Angeles, Montreal and New York City.

As to what Milosh and Hannibal have planned for the future of Rhye? Well, that remains a mystery. They don’t have any current tour dates, although they did recently perform at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival. A video for their third single, “3 Days,” has just been released, but you’d be hard-pressed to find any interviews or news clips of the band promoting it. If the old maxim, “scarcity creates demand” is true, then Rhye should expect fans to be knocking down their doors.

Check out the video for “3 Days” below

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