Avast, me hearties! Football looks like some mighty fine booty to store up in Treasure Island (metaphor for the Vince Lombardi Trophy). Specifically talking about the infamous Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Here’s the latest news on the pirates of the gridiron. On the negative side, it’s a severely tough market over there in Florida. 2012 is definitely going to be looking bleak. Let’s just say those pirates will be sailing in silent waters for some time.

However, management’s taking proactive action, stating that the 2012 season will feature 80% of the seats at Raymond James Stadium receiving a reduction in prices. It’s an effort to stir interest in attendance, of course. A sort of raising the mast, if you will — hopefully the wind picks up and that ship gets sailing.

Generally it’s a good strategy. Lower the prices, more people might be able to afford something fun to do like watch a football game.

Currently general admission tickets for children sell at $17.50 a pop; that number will be reduced to $15. Some adult general admission tickets will drop from $35 to $30. In addition, you’ll find season discounts at a larger rate, making it even more appealing to pony up the dough for a full season pass. That means more attendance long-term. And better savings.

How so? Think of it this way: a family of four sitting at Section 310 right on the upper deck and 50-yard line will actually save a whopping $1,500 for the season tickets versus the single-game tickets. That is, of course, if you plan on going to all the games.

Some of the lower-level end zone seats will get a pretty heavy reduction: from $89 per ticket to $75 per ticket. Not too shabby. Management’s obviously listening to what the issues are. It’s a stagnant economy. People are trying to save money.

Other tactics include meet-and-greets with players, the offer of free wireless internet access at the stadium, and some exclusive events solely for club-seat members. Also the food and beverage discount for season-ticket holders will go up a bit — from 10% to 15%, to be exact.

Hopefully this makes a dent on the finances for the Buccaneers, or else those be troublin’ waters out there, mateys. Aaarrr!