In a world of unjustified authoritative Tweets and people fooling their adult selves into hyper-seriousness, it is always refreshing to see people being funny and sarcastic on Twitter. Of course there are the accounts that everyone knows (professional athletes, @sportsguy33, etc), but I wanted to focus on some great sports Tweeters that you might not be following already.

Here are some of my favorites, along with some favorites from @SeatGeek’s followers on Twitter.

1. @edsbs

Why You Should Follow: A lot of great college football coverage plus funny and a conversationalist.

2. @drubner

drubner funny sports tweets

Why You Should Follow: @drubner is an ESPN Road Trip Host, ESPYs Co-Producer and provides great Game Day coverage and live coverage from college campuses around the country. And of course, he has some humor in his stream.

3. @Nastinchka

@Nastinchka sports twitter

Why You Should Follow: @Nastinchka’s comedic range on Twitter extends far beyond just sports. Don’t let the arguably excessive use of capitalization fool you, she’s got her stuff down solid.

4. @jon_bois

@jon_bois tweet

Why You Should Follow: Associate editor, SB Nation. Co-founder, The Dugout. Covers multiple sports, especially MLB/NFL. Funny. Prolific blogger, humorous thought experiments…

5. @MattRoth512

@MattRoth512 twitter
Why You Should Follow: He had me at “I get drunk and the talk about…” I mean there is really no way that could end badly. And then to top it all off with a bio pick chugging a canned beer and MMA coverage…yessir.

6. @andrewsharp

@andrewsharp twitter
Why You Should Follow: Just click through to his profile and check out the Obama/Run DC background. Bio: Associate editor of, perpetually awkward, etc.

7. @SaintMMA

@SaintMMA funny sports tweet
Why You Should Follow: A true conversationalist, this fellow Hoya spits off his best stuff in quick witted @ replies. Connect and interact. Disclaimer: David contributes to the SeatGeek blog.

8. @EliFromBrooklyn

Does anyone know if the Winklevoss twins have taken credit for Twitter yet?

Why You Should Follow: @EliFromBrooklyn provides humor by himself, but RTs and shares some really funny stuff so there is always something entertaining coming through the stream.

Bonus: Might be following, but still funny



Not since Shaq's atrocious portrayal of a genie in Kazaam have I witnessed a performance as dreadful as Mark Teixeira's cameo in Entourage.
Eli Manning has stated that he is in the same class as Tom Brady. Did they both enroll in the same Bikram Yoga class that I am unaware of?


@joerogan funny tweet osama


JordyAppel funny sports tweet
Why You Should Follow: His background is him exposing his tattooed(?) mid-section with Snooki myspace pose pointing towards said mid-section.


LifeOfFitz tweet

Think these are funny? Follow our Twitter list that inlcudes all the people above and more. Who did we miss? Let us know on Twitter and perhaps a part II will be in order and with the football season beginning, don’t forget to check us out for NFL tickets.