Though The Kinks officially split up nearly 20 years ago (in 1996, to be exact), many fans had fleeting hopes that the band would get back together. With the death of bassist Peter Quaife and the infighting between drummer Mick Avory and drummer Dave Davies, it seemed nearly impossible—until now, that is. Frontman Ray Davies told The Sunday Times of London that he’s been in touch with his brother, talking about creating a new The Kinks album and playing some shows to support it. Dave Davies confirmed this, stating that they’re “not quite there” yet for a full-fledged reunion tour, but, in the wake of the band’s 50th anniversary this year and the success of Sunny Afternoon, the London stage musical about the early days of the band, it is a cautiously optimistic possibility. While both brothers have confirmed that they’re talking, they’ve also both said in the past that they’ll never tour again. When (or if) they get back together, we’ll be ready, so stay tuned for the latest.

Founded in 1963 in North London by the Davies brothers, The Kinks were part of the original British invasion, alongside bands like The Beatles. They came to prominence in 1964 with single “You Really Got Me,” which quickly became an international hit. In the United Kingdom, The Kinks have had seventeen Top 20 singles, five Top 10 albums, and four albums certified gold by the RIAA. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (and the UK Music Hall of Fame) in 2005.

The Kinks Tour Dates

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The Kinks Discography

• Kinks (1964)
• Kinda Kinks (1965)
• The Kink Kontroversy (1965)
• Face to Face (1966)
• Something Else by The Kinks (1967)
• The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (1968)
• Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) (1969)
• Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One (1970)
• Percy (1971)
• Muswell Hillbillies (1971)
• Everybody’s in Show-Biz (1972)
• Preservation Act 1 (1973)
• Preservation Act 2 (1974)
• Soap Opera (1975)
• Schoolboys in Disgrace (1975)
• Sleepwalker (1977)
• Misfits (1978)
• Low Budget (1979)
• Give the People What They Want (1981)
• State of Confusion (1983)
• Word of Mouth (1984)
• Think Visual (1986)
• UK Jive (1989)
• Phobia (1993)

The Kinks Video for “You Really Got Me”