With Halloween just around the corner, SeatGeek is feeling generous and giving away free stuff. Actually, we only give away free tickets. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you probably haven’t been following our posts recently. Shame on you.

Here’s our latest Halloween contest for a chance to win $100 in tickets. Today we received these photos from a diehard SeatGeek fan and thought we should definitely do a pumpkin involved contest. So get your pumpkins ready.

How To Enter: The Road To Success

Step 1: Carve a pumpkin(s). It could either be SeatGeek related or related to your favorite sports team, artist, event, etc. And by the way, we don’t want to leave anyone out. If for some reason you are unable to carve a pumpkin, don’t worry. Simply replace the pumpkin part with a costume. Yes, we don’t really expect that many people to do this, so if you do your chances of winning are high…as in approaching 100%.

Step 2: Take a picture (of the carved pumpkin or you wearing the costume) and share it on Twitter with hashtag #SGcarverContest AND post it on SeatGeek’s Facebook wall.

Step 3: We’ll pick the most exciting entry.

The Grand Prize: $100 in tickets from SeatGeek.
Everyone Else: Nothing.

If you haven’t already done so, enter our first Halloween contest for a chance to win $450 in tickets!

Just in case you missed the bigger picture, enter our Halloween contests and win up to $550(!) in free tickets.

Well, what are you waiting for?

May the best SeatGeek win.