Since SeatGeek’s founding in 2009, we’ve become the largest ticket search engine for all entertainment. Throughout the journey, we’ve added many features that have evolved our ticket search engine in a way that it is getting closer to being the first true ticket decision engine (a term first discussed by Stefan Weitz about Bing).

We’re fans trying to help fans find the best deals on event tickets. Here’s how we do it.

It Starts With You

You’re trying to find and purchase an event ticket.  The information you need to get your tickets can be navigated to in a variety of ways on SeatGeek, the ticket decision engine. Our product allows you to search by artist, team, festival, city, venue, date (and even popularity) using our auto-complete search.

Once you enter our results page, you can see all the event options from your query. If you’re looking for something more specific, you can further filter by ‘this day’, ‘this week’, ‘this month’, or by day/night.

Once you find the event you’re looking for, you can click through to our event-page that aggregates over 60 ticket sites on the secondary ticket market (including major sites like StubHub, RazorGator, TicketsNow, eBay and smaller sites and brokers that the average consumer would never access otherwise, but which often have some of the best ticket deals.

That means you don’t have to hop to different websites to find the best deals or find the lowest “get-in” price – we are your gateway to all entertainment with comparison shopping, that is simple.

Smarter and Quicker Decisions

Our features give our users an efficient search experience. We organize information and incorporate tools that help you in making a decision. We are the first ticket search engine that includes decision-making features on our site. You can find, research, and purchase tickets all on SeatGeek. Here are some of the highlights that are turning us into the first ticket decision engine:

(see respective feature numbered on overview image)

Price Forecasting (1): We tell you to wait (because prices will drop) or buy them now (because prices are moving up). You can also find average listing price and neat graphs for historical price as a % of face value & historical average ticket price for any particular event.

DealScore™ (2): Our proprietary Deal Score analyzes the quality of every deal and rates it from 0-100. You can also use Deal Score to find the best deals on cheap tickets using our filters.

Transparency (3): See the full price, without hidden service fees and last minute shipping charges that have historically plagued the ticketing industry.

Filters (4): See results the way you want to see them, from sorting by Deal Score, Section, Price, Below Face Value only, or E-Tickets only.

Comparison Shopping (5): See what different sites have to offer on one screen. You’ll be surprised who has the best deal or the lowest price.

Ticket Decision Engine

Interactive Seating Chart (6): Using DealScore™, our seating charts are illustrated with greener dots for the better deals – so you can see where the best deal quality is located for a particular venue.

3-D View from Your Seat (7): You can check out what your seat will look like before you purchase it (a personal favorite).

Face Value Comparison (8): Don’t want to pay more than face value for a ticket? Just click our filter for all the below face value results from 60+ sites.

Ticket Decision Engine

How did SeatGeek help you find the best deal for an event? What new features would you like to see to make your ticket buying decisions even easier? Let us know on Twitter @SeatGeek!

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