For several months we have been publishing TicketBeat Reports using SeatGeek’s unique data to examine trends in sports and music.  Ticketing data is a window into the true emotions of fans.  Pundits can speculate all they like, but nothing captures true fan sentiment as well as their willingness to pay.  TicketBeat uses secondary market ticket prices to measure how fans are reacting to events in the sports and music worlds.  We have published several reports that have gotten lost in the depths of our website, but we hope to change that with this relaunch.

Past TicketBeat reports:

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Moving forward we will be posting these reports directly to our blog to make them more readable and shareable.  We will post two reports per week. We hope you all enjoy! Comment if you have any thoughts/comments or reach out to us on Twitter.  We have included a recent TicketBeat report below as a sample of what to expect.

Recent TicketBeat report:

SeatGeek’s May 7, 2010 TicketBeat™ Report

Despite No Rings, Eagles Rule The Roost in Philly– Fans Not Feeling the Love for Their Gritty Flyers


They may show some tough love, but fans of the Philadelphia Eagles show unparalleled support for their football team. When compared to the other four major professional sports teams based in Philadelphia, the Eagles rank high when it comes to fans “paying up” to watch them play. The Flyers, on the other hand, are the only team that fails to rank in the top 10 for average ticket prices in their respective league.  Despite their Broad Street Bully heritage and early season ranking as Stanley Cup contenders, the Flyers appear to be the shunned stepchild of the Philly pro sports family.  Philadelphia is one of the most historically significant cities in the US, and with that comes a deep-rooted tradition of sports fanaticism.  Unlike some major markets, Philly is uniquely positioned to bring home titles, as it is one of the few cities to have pro teams in each of the four major sports leagues. However, prior to the Phillies’ 2008 World Series, Philly had not seen a championship from any of their teams since the 1982-1983 76ers’s title run. Even though many of the city’s teams have failed to deliver the ultimate prize, the Flyers are singled out at the bottom of the bunch.


  • Although Eagles fans are tough on individual players (see Donovan McNabb) they continue to follow their team passionately – ranking 5th in the NFL for average ticket prices.
  • The Flyers’ low numbers really jump out when analyzing the percent difference between team average and league average.  The Flyers average only 3% above the league average for ticket prices, while the other major sports teams have a combined average of 22% above.
  • Despite repeated losing seasons and disappointment with hometown stars like Allen Iverson, the 76ers continue to peak the interest of Philly fans – ranking 8th in the NBA for average ticket prices.
  • After winning the World Series in 2008, Phillies fans continue to come out to the ballpark – ranking 7th in MLB for average ticket prices.
  • Philadelphia is the 6th most populous city in the US – the NFL, MLB, and NBA rankings correlate closely with this metric, whereas the Flyers are an outlier at 11th

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