Tom Hanks, one of the most acclaimed actors of the past few decades, is bringing his acting talents to Broadway this coming Spring. Set to play the lead role in “Lucky Guy,” Hanks will portray Mike McAlary, the late Pulitzer Prize winning columnist of the New York Daily News, best known for his work detailing police corruption in New York’s 77th Precinct back in 1988 as well as his coverage for the Abner Louima police torture case that rocked New York City in 1997.

The show will feature a script by the late Nora Ephron, who Hanks worked with on “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail.” Set to begin previews on March 1, the show will be housed at the Broadhurst Theatre and will have an opening night of April 1. Ticket information has not been released but given that this will feature an A list Hollywood actor, the engagement will probably be on the shorter side and ticket prices will be higher than most shows.

When details on ticketing are released, we’ll be sure to provide you the updates. Check back with us!

Image courtesy of Flickr user Josh Jensen

Credits: Ticket News