Top Christmas Gifts for Men

Men: The supposedly simple-to-shop-for specimen. But when the holiday malaise (or is it madness?) descends, we guys can come complete with our own challenges, can’t we? All kinds of Batteries-Not-Included type of complexity — eh, Ladies?

I understand; I’m a man. I have enough trouble shopping for myself all year-round, which is why I just don’t bother to do it. Ever. But every now and then the time comes to put on some socks and get outside. Not that that’s happening right now, but, were it the case, here’s a helpful range of 10 gift ideas I’d bring along: It spans the cheap-yet-sharp, to the pricier accoutrements that drive Men Mad.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Men

1. Argyle Socks

Speaking of socks, there’s no better way to start the day’s wardrobe than from the bottom, up. And it’s pretty universally acknowledged, argyle is the new black — unless your guy has more than one pair of plaid pants.

2. Games

The debate over whether he’s too old for games? That’s out the window. With 2012 drawing to a close the only debate, still being settled amongst contentious gamers, is whether Halo 4 is the franchise comeback of the year or if such accolades belong to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Why pick sides? Scoop up both!
$60 each

3. The Perfect Shave

The name says it all. The Art of Shaving is a New York-based company offering up the finest paintbrushes and chisels in the business. The gift that keeps giving!

4. A Grilling Companion

How better to keep an eye on those tofu-infused turkey burgers you’ll be choking down after swearing to lose weight this New Year’s Eve than with the iGrill Barbecue Thermometer? Plugs into your iPhone or iPad so you can keep tabs on the temp while you do your jumping jacks indoors.

5. Headphones

Amp up his mobile listening gear with these slick ear warmers. Straight from the go-to name in amplifiers: Yes, those Marshall speakers

6. The Ol’ Laptop Case

Chrome, the undisputed, road-tested marathon man’s brand for durable bags, has an entire set of laptop-dedicated messenger carriers. Safety first, with style to boot.

7. A Keyboard. Made of Lasers.

It’s a laser projection virtual keyboard. The future is now, people. Celluon‘s Magic Cube projects a keyboard onto nearly any flat surface, so you can take it anywhere. Just don’t expect to get any work done with all the staring and glares you’ll get if it’s in public. Pays a cost to be the boss.

8. “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Bring back the wonder of childhood with this advent calendar. Courtesy of Master of Malt, it comes loaded with whiskey shooters: 24 doors, one sample of 50-year-old Scotch.

9. Wireless Speakers

Harman and Kardon unveiled this sleeker-than-thou update to their already super sleek SoundSticks speakers back in September – just in time for the gifting season. Wireless 2.1-channel desktop speakers let you can crank superior sound out these modern-artforms from any bluetooth device you so desire.

10. A Slingbox

Continuing the wifi dream: For the TV junkie this streaming device will quickly prove indispensable. Sling Media’s Slingbox 500 is a wireless bridge between your DVR and computer that brings your shows onto the monitor in 1080p HD. You know, whenever he’s too lazy to watch TV on an actual TV.