“Being a comedian is an incredible thing.” Not entirely sure who said that quote, but I’d like to bet my money on it being said by a comedian. I used to always say that I just don’t trust people who don’t like comedy shows. Who hates to laugh? I couldn’t think of anything worse to do than not laugh.

After having a busy week of work, responsibilities and general life, comedy is the way to go. From Lewis Black to the Houston Symphony, here are the top comedy events in Houston this week.

Jeff Ross with Dave Atell @ Revention Music Center

Saturday, January 18 | 8PM

Also known as “The Roastmaster General” by friends, family, and the general public, Jeff Ross is also pretty hilarious. You may have seen him hosting his show, The Roast Battle, but take a night off from your Netflix bingeing and listen to his act on stage for a night full of belly laughs and great jokes. Maybe he’ll roast you if you sit close enough to the front.

Houston Symphony @ Jones Plaza

Friday, January 17 | 8PM

If you’re not much into comedians but really love going to shows, check out the Houston Symphony. Their performances are inspiring, engaging, and a perfect way to spend a Friday night if you want to feel like a fancy person who goes to see symphonies on Friday nights.

Lewis Black @ Cullen Performance Hall

Saturday, January 18 | 8PM

Lewis Black is not only a pretty gifted comedian, he’s also a great actor. Known for his role in Accepted and in Inside Out, his voice, personality, and humor is recognizable to everyone. Get ready for some loud, hilariously angry, and charmingly obscene humor that’ll keep you laughing throughout the entire night.

Arnez J with Tommy Davidson and Aries Spears @ NRG Arena

Friday, January 17 | 8PM

If you thought one comedian for the night is enough, then you haven’t gone to see these three perform. Separately, they’re all great but being able to see all three in one night makes for a great Friday night in my opinion. You can really never go wrong with a night of completely underrated and totally hilarious, Arnez J.

Beth Stelling @ The Secret Group

Thursday, January 16 | 8PM

Beth Stelling was a performer on the Netflix series The Standups and is chockfull of relatable, hilarious jokes. One night listening to her perform will make you think she wrote an entire show based on your life. Perhaps it’s just my life she’s talking about.

Earthquake @ Houston Improv Comedy Club

Thursday, January 16 | 8PM

If you’re looking for some laughs before your weekend starts, check out Earthquake. With so many great comedians playing the same weekend, it’s definitely hard to choose which one to go to. Earthquake is another underrated comedian that certainly deserves some recognition. There are not many comedians that can bring you to tears quite like he can.

(Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash)