Top Christmas Gifts for Women 2013

Luckily, there has been a breakthrough at the intersection of fashion, cuteness and warmth. This invention is ingeniusly named the Schoodie [sku d-ee]. (Scarf + Hoodie = Schoodie, simple mathematics) and is a scarf with a hood, and also sometimes buttons. Is it raining? Put on your schoodie. Are you cold? Put on your schoodie. Are you single and want to cuddle up on something? Put on your schoodie. Does your boyfriend love you? If he bought you a schoodie for Christmas (or Hannukah), then the answer is yes. What more could a girl want?

Also, expect Cali Swag District‘s hot new track, “Teach MeWoman wearing a schoodie. How to Schoodie,” out just in time for the holiday season. Well, that is a joke, but there is a real “Teach Me How to Schoodie” video, for any confused users.

Bikes are thing that people ride, especially in the year 2013, so bike gear makes a great gift. LED lights prevent your loved/liked ones from getting run-over. And even if you think they already have lights they (like me) will probably lose them in the near future. Knog specializes in LED lights that are waterproof and rechargeable via your computer’s USB port. For those more into bike fashion, rather than function, check out these recycled bike tread belts. Nothing says you love biking like wearing a used tire around you waist…!

For coffee lovers, skip the French Press and start to Impress. This patent-pending, still maybe not being mass-produced, single-cup coffee brewer is a coffe snob’s dream. With a micro filter, double liner technology, and other features their website can explain, the Impress Coffee Brewer creates the perfect to-go cup of coffee, magically making the grounds disappear to avoid bitterness and keeping your coffee warm for those dark, dismal winter mornings.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Women

1. Concert Tickets – Nothing shows you care like knowing the kind of music someone likes and finding a live show in the area that they can go to, or, better yet, that you can both go to together. Material gifts are, like, so 20th century, anyway.

2. A Spotify Account – The easiest way to listen to most music. Without ads. And Spotify pays artists royalties. And new artists you’ll love are one click away. And you can listen to your favorite music from any computer. And your phone. And you can share playlists with friends. And mix tapes are, like, so 20th century, anyway.

3. Gloves You Can Use on Your Smartphone – Either use these simple pads to convert your lady friend’s pre-existing gloves, or buy her some crisp new ones. No need to worry about looking dumb or cold while texting now.

4. Things the Internet Doesn’t Know About – More so than ever before, there are lots of pop-up stores, holiday markets and local craftsmen. Here is Time Out‘s list of NYC favorites. A quick Google search should turn up results in most cities. Go support artisans and buy something you didn’t even know existed (like a wreath made of book pages).

5. Moleskine Notebooks – Not, in fact, made from the skin of moles, these notebooks have been clinically proven to make you a better writer and more interesting person. (Not actually.) But they are functional, beautiful and whenever someone writes in their notebook, they’ll think of you.

6.OtterBox – (No otters were harmed in the making of these smartphone cases.) Nothing shows casual elegance like dropping your phone to the floor without aOtterbox smartphone case. care in the world. And that is why every woman needs an Otterbox, so there’ll be no worries next time her phone mysteriously slips out of her hand while she’s “not drunk.”

7. Warm Clothing – When Uniqlo’s not busy flying blimps over San Francisco and launching massive ad campaigns, they’re making technologically advanced clothing. Engineered to wick moisture, trap warmth, not smell, and do many other things that will make you put on your new pair of leggings and not take them off ’til spring.

8. Dinner – Put in some serious time on Yelp or Urban Daddy and find the perfect dinner spot. Couples that go to dinner together don’t have to do dishes together.

9. Custom Ornaments – Knock a whole slew of aunts or female in-laws off the list with some classy custom ornaments. You can put pictures or text on a variety of shapes and sizes. Festive and personal!

10. Manicures – Even if you think your mother/sister/girlfriend/boyfriend’s female cousin/ex-step-mother-in-law wouldn’t ever get her nails done, think again. Who doesn’t like getting their nails done? And the best gifts are always things people secretly want, but think are too frivolous to buy for themselves.