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Whether you’re trying to experience an orchestra for the first time, looking for a comedy show, or interested in seeing a musical, this week is full of so many different shows to see.

From Christina Pazsitzky to The Band’s Visit, here are the top theater events happening in Houston this week.

Houston Symphony @ Jones Plaza

Thursday, January 30 | 8PM

This Thursday night, grab tickets to listen to the Houston Symphony perform “Allegretto” from Beethoven’s Seventh. Tickets for this show will include a special chamber music performance by Houston Symphony musicians 45 minutes before the show. They will be performing Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 9, IV Allegro molto. This will be a beautiful night of amazing music, brilliant performances, and the perfect opportunity to be fancy. How often do we really get to do that? I ask, sitting next to some old takeout.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner @ The A.D. Players Theatre

Sunday, February 2 | 2:30PM

The A.D. Players present a new adaptation to an old classic movie, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner this Sunday afternoon. This story follows Joanna who is surprising her parents with a visit home and is bringing her new fiancé. First impressions can be tough, and even more-so when you’re a mixed race couple in the 1960s. This adaptation of the original film still holds true to modern life now, and you can grab tickets starting at $25.

Christina Pazsitzky @ Houston Improv Comedy Club

Friday, January 31 | 7:30PM

Christina Pazsitzky, also known as her stage name Christina P, is currently on her Ride or Die tour and will be performing this Friday night at the Houston Improv Comedy Club. Pazsitzky has two albums and two Netflix specials under her belt, so it’s definitely worth grabbing tickets for. Get ready for a night of cheeky humor and funny, honest truths about being a mother while dealing with today’s society.

Mark Morris Dance Group – Pepperland @ Cullen Theatre at Wortham Theatre Center

Friday, January 31 | 8PM

Want to feel like you’re watching an impromptu dance scene in a 60s movie? Grab tickets to see the Mark Morris Dance Group perform Pepperland at the Cullen Theatre on Friday night. This group started in 1980 and has been called “the preeminent modern dance organization of our time.” Pepperland is the ensemble’s tribute to the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band. This show features a blend of original songs from the album as well as new Pepper-inspired pieces.

Tim and Eric @ Cullen Theater at Wortham Theatre Center

Saturday, February 1 | 8PM

Known for their very popular sketch comedy show Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show airing on Adult Swim, they now bring us their great personalities live. The show no one really asked for, but we all truly needed. Grab tickets this Saturday night to watch Tim and Eric at the Cullen Theatre. They are currently on their Tim and Eric’s 2020 Mandatory Attendance Tour, and you have to grab tickets because the tour is mandatory. Their shows are full of spoofs, goofs, and secret special surprises. Did I mention it’s mandatory?

The Band’s Visit @ Hobby Center

Wednesday, January 29 | 7:30PM

The Band’s Visit is one of the most Tony Award Winning Musicals in history, so you should not miss the opportunity to see them perform at the Hobby Center this Wednesday night. This story follows a band that ends up lost, arriving at an off-the-beaten-path kind of town. With their beautiful music, the band brings the town to life in unexpected ways. The musical shows just how much music can really bring people together, and make them feel alive. There’s a reason why this is an award winning musical. Grab tickets for as low as $12 on SeatGeek!

Ken Hamlett Presents A Drunken Night Out @ TBH Cultural

Saturday, February 1 | 9:30PM

This Saturday, grab tickets to see the hilariously chaotic show, A Drunken Night Out presented by Ken Hamlett. This show will have comedy, competition, and unbelievable stories. Each comedian will record a live podcast of one of their drunken stories, and then perform a set on stage sober. The audience then picks out a drink of choice for the comedian, and they will have to perform another set not so sober. The catch? It’ll be an improv set on crowdsourced topics. I know it sounds a little bit confusing, but this will make for a really entertaining night, and tickets are only $20.

(Photo by Kevin Hernandez on Unsplash)