Comedian Daniel Tosh will dive into another expected mouth-dropping performance on his third tour, Tosh Tour Twenty Twelve. While displaying the usual absurd string of clips and self-made sketches, Tosh will introduce brand new “Wed Redemptions” for those who didn’t (or did) mean to embarrass themselves on the internet.

Many who watch Tosh.0 may ask, “Did he really just say that?” Yes fans, he did, and he meant it. Tosh introduces a different brand of comedy, one where pretty much anything goes…So what is expected for 2012?

Take A Look Back At Past Tours

Tosh Tour 2010

After performing 76 shows on his very first tour, Tosh proved that he is a comic genius. According to Live Nation, there were 250,000 tickets sold and $10 million in box office revenue.

The average ticket prices were between $38-$63

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Tosh Tour 2011

After performing 30 shows with almost all new material and sarcastic laughs, this tour was ranked #4 on Top Comedy Tours of 2011 on

The average ticket price was $124

Tosh Tour 2012

Unfortunately for this tour, only 10 shows have been announced. There will be eight shows in Vegas, one in Santa Cruz and the other in Santa Barbara. However, the tour does not start for another month (July 20th) so keep your fingers crossed that more dates are added!

Expectations for this tour are high (as are prices). Vegas tickets range from $145 to over $350! However the prices for Santa Barbara are a little more reasonable as some seats begin at $72 and $98.

City State Venue Name Date Avg. Price
Santa Barbara CA Santa Barbara Bowl 7/4/2012 $111.00
Santa Barbara CA Santa Barbara Bowl 7/5/2012 $129.00
Santa Barbara CA Santa Barbara Bowl 7/6/2012 $145.00
Santa Barbara CA Santa Barbara Bowl 7/7/2012 $145.00
Santa Barbara CA Santa Barbara Bowl 7/8/2012 $76.00

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Want to see more? Learn about where the ingenious mind of Daniel Tosh began at his blog.