The Spice Girls at the 'Viva Forever' premiere.

Viva Forever Spice Girls

Lately, popular entertainers from the 1990s have come out of the woodwork like droll bon-mots from Daria’s mouth, like lies from the president’s press conferences, to remind the world of their enduring creativity. 2013 hasn’t even started yet, and so far, concert tours from original boy-banders the Backstreet Boys; forerunning girl-group TLC; the continually innovative Eminem; and the perpetually geisha-faced Marilyn Manson, are all slated for the first half of the calendar year. The Spice Girls, however, ever the leaders of tastes and trends, have chosen to assert their relevance via a different medium: the theater. Viva Forever, a new musical inspired by the supergroup’s catalogue, recently premiered on London’s West End, leaving the band’s many American fans to wonder: When’s the Broadway debut?

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Viva Forever Musical NYC?

On paper or blog post, there’s much to get excited for. Former Ab(solutely) Fab(ulous) star and comedienne Jennifer Saunders penned the script, and Mamma Mia! producer Judy Craymer helmed the production. Reviews, however, have been less than laudatory for the show boasting a “charmless, messy, lackluster book” (The Independent), which “only came to life… after it finished” (The Huffington Post). Critics have found fault with the group’s admittedly slim oeuvre, which only gave Saunders and co. three albums’ worth of material to work with. General consensus has the formerly raucous comic shoehorning plot twists to fit major numbers, with the most egregious offense involving a jaunt to Spain, where the protagonist reportedly encounters very little beyond an excuse to perform “Spice Up Your Life.

Unfortunately, all the bad critical blood surrounding Viva Forever makes a Broadway run if not unlikely, certainly a more difficult proposition. We’ll keep our eyes open for more Spice Girls action here in the States (as pop inheritor Justin Bieber says, “never say never!”), but for those lucky enough to live or vacation abroad, check out our set of discount Viva Forever tickets below:

Viva Forever Tickets

Viva Forever Avg. Ticket Prices

City State Venue Name Date Avg. Price
London London Piccadilly Theatre 11/29/2012 $130.00
London London Piccadilly Theatre 11/30/2012 $130.00

Spice Girls Past Setlist

Main Set

Track Song
1 Spice Up Your Life
2 Stop
3 Say You’ll Be There
4 Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
5 The Lady Is a Vamp
6 Too Much
7 2 Become 1
8 Who Do You Think You Are
9 Supermodel (You Better Work)
10 Are You Gonna Go My Way
11 Maybe
12 Viva Forever
13 Holler
14 It’s Raining Men
15 I Turn to You
16 Let Love Lead the Way
17 Mama
18 Celebration
19 Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
20 That’s the Way (I Like It)
21 We Are Family
22 Goodbye


Track Song
1 If U Can’t Dance
2 Wannabe
3 Spice Up Your Life

Viva Forever Poster

Poster for the new Spice Girls musical, 'Viva Forever.'

Spice Girls Videos

Spice Girls: “Wannabe”

Spice Girls: “Say You’ll Be There”

Spice Girls: “Stop”

Spice Girls: “Spice Up Your Life”