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Attention Football Bloggers!

SeatGeek Is Giving Away $200 in Tickets for the Closest Guess!

The NFL lockout has been the top and only story in football news for the past four months. A country full of fans has been (not so patiently) awaiting an agreement between the players and owners, eager to start getting excited about yet another Super Bowl Chase.  Unfortunately, fans cannot be sure of when, or even if, the lockout will end.

So, SeatGeek will be reaching out to some of our favorite NFL bloggers to gather their predictions: The NFL lockout has dragged on for 110 days so far…how many days do you think it will last, in total? If you don’t hear from us, we still love you, so please email me at to get on the list (we are capping it so each person has a reasonable chance of winning).

Let us know by posting your lockout thoughts and official prediction on your own blog along with a link back to this post so we can track who has entered.

When the lockout finally ends, the blogger with the closest guess will Win $200 of Tickets to the event of their choice! (In the event of a tie, the winner will be randomly selected from the correct guesses.)

Questions? Drop us a line on Twitter @SeatGeek.

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