It’s Friday night, and you’re rushing to leave work to get to the big [insert concert / football game / baseball game here] on time. As you’re waiting in a way-too-long line to enter the stadium, you suddenly realize that you forgot to grab your tickets out of the company’s printer on the way out. No worries, you can just pull the ticket up on your phone, right?

Wrong! Despite the leaps and bounds the ticketing industry has made over the last few years, some venues are still living in the dark ages when it comes to scanning ticket barcodes straight from an app. To help you avoid getting shut out of your next live event, the fine folks at SeatGeek (our parent site) have compiled a list of nearby printing locations at some of the country’s biggest venues. Problem solved… except–wait–you forgot your ID! Well, that’s your own headache…

Where Can I Print My Tickets?

Main photo courtesy of Keith Syvinski via