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There’s plenty more to do at Bonnaroo than just seeing live music. From yoga classes to car camping, Bonnaroo has a well-rounded roster of activities to keep your and your ‘roo crew busy all weekend long. Check out our comprehensive guide on all the best activities to participate in while you’re at Bonnaroo this summer.


Love yoga? You won’t have to break your meditative routine during your weekend at Bonnaroo since the festival hosts several yoga sessions on the farm every year. All weekend long, festival attendees can participate in yoga sessions ranging from beginner to pro. Bonnaroo even hosts adaptive yoga sessions for those with disabilities. Whether you’re a yoga aficionado, or just want to give it a try, Bonnaroo has a class that’s just right for your comfort zone.


Staying sober while attending Bonnaroo? Bonnaroo hosts a booth fittingly called “Soberoo,” where Bonnaroovians who are practicing sobriety can attend daily meetings and enjoy everything that the festival has to offer alongside like-minded attendees. For those choosing to lead a sober lifestyle during the festival weekend, visiting the Soberoo booth is an ideal way to connect with those who are choosing to do the same. According to Bonnaroo’s official site, “Soberoo is simply liked-minded music fans who gather to offer support – and traction in what might otherwise be a slippery environment.”

Campground Plazas

Bonnaroo describes its campground plazas as “hubs of adventure and convenience.” Each year, Bonnaroo puts together themed plazas within the campgrounds that offer a variety of different activities, and bring together those with similar interests. From mini parties and art exhibitions to surprise celebrity appearances, you never know what will happen within these sacred sections of Bonnaroo. Check out this year’s featured plazas below.

Plaza Name Location Activities
Sanctuary of Love Plaza 2 Hosted by Hayley Williams of Paramore, fans can participate in mindfulness activities like yoga, improv dance sessions, reiki healing, and massage therapy.
Where in the Woods Southeast of Plaza 2 Find the hidden stage within Bonnaroo’s festival grounds that will feature guest Djs, light shows, dance floors, and more.
The Ville Plaza 7, next to The Grove Want a taste of true Nashville? See some of Nashville’s best live music acts on stage. Every night, a new batch of local talent will take the stage.
House of Yes & Little Cinema TBA Drag queens, circus performers, and more will be showing off their talents in this fan-favorite Bonnaroo plaza.
Galactic Giddy-Up Plaza 5 Meet other like-minded Bonnaroovians participating in Groop camping through mixers, dance parties, and more.
The Boogaloo of Wonder Plaza 6 Experience all of the art that Bonnaroo has to offer with projections, light shows, and a lounge space for your whole ‘roo crew to kick back and relax.
The Barnyard Plaza 9 Gather your friends for some good ol’ fashion games, art, and more in a barn-style plaza.
VIP Plaza South of Plaza 2 For a more luxurious Bonnaroo experience, this newly revamped plaza includes air-conditioning, yoga sessions, games, wifi, and a live stream of the festival. To enter this plaza, a VIP/Platinum pass is required.

Bonnaroo Parades

Bonnaroo puts on a number of parades each year that march through the festival grounds with ultimate ferocity. While there’s no specific theme, these parades are open to all to participate in, and welcome eccentric attire and festival flare. Plus, it’s a great way to take a scenic walking tour of the festival grounds with your whole crew. At past Bonnaroo’s, bands are known to join in these parades unannounced, so keep your eyes out for your favorite musicians leading a parade or two.

Voter Registration

Voting is more important than ever, and Bonnaroo makes it easier than ever to make sure you’re registered! The HeadCount Booth, located in Planet Roo, lets Bonnaroovians register to vote while attending the festival. Pledging to vote also enters those who register into a contest every year to win exclusive prizes. So do your part, and make sure you’re set to vote this year.


Ever wanted ti run a 5k, and attend Bonnaroo? Well, Roo-Run is an avid runner’s dream. Decorate your own bib on Friday, and then get ready to run across the festival grounds on Saturday while hearing all your favorite bands play as you jog on by. Bonnaroo encourages and welcomes runners to wear their favorite festival attire for the run, too. Fairy wings, hippie garb, and glitter galore are celebrated attire at the Roo-Run.

Bonnaroo 2020 Tickets

Official Bonnaroo tickets go on sale on January 9. There are several ticket types, tiers, and add-ons, so be sure to check out all of your options. 4-day general admission passes start at $319 plus fees.​ Looking to shop around, or waiting until summer gets closer to secure your plans? You can always find tickets on SeatGeek! Use code BONNAROO20 at checkout for $20 off your ticket purchase. Browse tickets here or view select listings below.

(Image by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash)