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Coachella will run until the sun burns out, with its status as a top-tier festival operating as a draw for artists that will ensure it remains at the top of the heap by headlining it. Coachella, more than any other festival, has the ability to bring white-hot stars down to the endcap stage level and to pull long-dead acts out of retirement.

You don’t need holograms anymore if Beyoncé brings a marching band along, or Kanye West holds a church service in the middle of the grounds. The only guarantee about Coachella is that it will pop a wheelie on the zeitgeist, featuring all the acts you would expect, some bands that make you wonder how they got to Coachella and a select few that will make flip that question.

As such, it’s a bit foolish to try and guess Coachella headliners this far out. But we’re going to do our best, with help from some of the Internet’s best unpaid sleuths.

CONFIRMED: Rage Against the Machine

Remember about two sentences ago when we said it was foolish to try and guess Coachella headliners this early? Well, turns out we were wrong. As of 12:15pm today, Rage Against the Machine have confirmed a 2020 reunion which includes a headlining slot at next year’s Coachella and three shows along the Mexican-American border.

Taylor Swift

Taylor currently has only four major North American appearances scheduled next year in support of her new Lover album. A headlining spot at Coachella would be a perfect addition to the sparse schedule, and it would mark her first time performing at the massive event.

Chance the Rapper

While Chance’s “debut” album The Big Day landed with a bit of a thud, he’s an established festival performer who always brings a crowd. He also pushed his fall 2019 tour into winter 2020, so to tack on a Coachella performance makes sense logistically.

Lana Del Rey

On the opposite tip, Lana Del Rey just released her most universally beloved album of her career. There are few places better suited for the sounds of NFR! than a late afternoon set in the Southern California desert.

Justin Timberlake

It’s just long enough since Man of the Woods that JT miiight be ready for a comeback. A big showing at Coachella would put him well on the way.

Kanye West

Kanye West played last year without a gospel album to back him up. Now that Jesus is King is out, it’s entirely possible that he’ll play a more traditional set (in relative terms, of course). Will Kanye climb up to the pearly gates, Yeezus-era mountain style? Will he surprise everyone with a straightforward choir and pastor interplay? It all remains to be seen.

Elton John

Elton’s seemingly endless farewell tour might make him run afoul of Coachella’s notorious radius clauses. However, the organizers might make an exception if they can grab John as this year’s legacy act.

Vampire Weekend

The band released an album this year that positively radiates Southern California sunshine and jammy, festival energy. If they don’t play Coachella, someone dropped the ball.

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