Let’s try to quantify the good and the bad about Coachella, Frogurt styles.

Tickets go on sale today at 1pm est, 10am for you west coasters. That’s good!
However it looks like the $285 Standard and $665 VIP tickets are sold out for the first weekend. That’s bad!
But there are $335 General Admission passes with shuttle service. That’s good!
There’s only a limited number of those tickets for those first weekend available. That’s bad!
All three levels of tickets are available for the second weekend. That’s good!

So we end on a positive note. Meanwhile, instead of checking out the confusing information on how to purchase tickets to Coachella 2012, you can score your tickets here at SeatGeek.

Friday 12:00 PM Indio, CA tickets from $551
Friday 12:00 PM Indio, CA tickets from $442
Friday 3:30 AM Indio, CA tickets from $451
Friday 3:30 AM Indio, CA tickets from $592
Saturday 11:00 AM Indio, CA
Sunday 11:00 AM Indio, CA
Saturday 11:00 AM Indio, CA
Sunday 11:00 AM Indio, CA

How Quickly Will Coachella Sell Out?

Last year saw unprecedented demand. Tickets sold out in record time of six-days leaving people (such as myself) out of luck. Sure there are theories as to why tickets sold out so quickly. I attribute it to the stellar lineup they had last year of Kanye West, Arcade Fire, the Strokes and the Kings of Leon. Aside from the latter band, which I don’t respect ever since this particular incident, the reunions of Caifanes, Big Audio Dynamite and Death From Above 1979, in addition to the star studded lineup contributed to a record sellout.

As a point of reference, in 2010, my buddy bought his ticket literally the week before the festival. Not that it was particularly indie by any means, with Jay-Z, Muse and the Gorillaz headlining, but Coachella 2011 was an entirely different beast for those of you who tried to get tickets.

To appease those who missed out last year, Coachella promoters held an early ticket purchase back in June 2011, even though not even an whiff of who was going to perform was in the air. I have to give them credit – if it weren’t for their layaway system, I wouldn’t be going this year. This year may match the fervor with a few notable reunions and an all around superb lineup and headliners. With the first weekend essentially sold out, good luck with the second weekend.

Coachella Tips

Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m a veteran of music festivals, but I’ve been to my fair share. Coachella is an entirely different beast. When I went back in 2010, I camped out and it was definitely an experience to be reckoned with. Nothing like parking your car in a 20′ x 20′ lot, not being able to shower (aside from utilizing the hand sanitizers in the porta potties), and draining your car batteries ’cause you want to charge your phones and/or pump jams while you pregame for the festival. Luckily we parked next to a broken down van full of Tasmanians who offered us cheap entertainment while we play Kings, ate dried sausage and cheese and paid $20 for 10lbs of ice. My suggestion? Rent a house on Airbnb and rent a car. You can get an idea of what it’s like by checking out this video below.

Heading to Indio? Let us know @SeatGeek – maybe we’ll meet you there.