THE multi-day Southern California music festival is back for another installment as the Coachella lineup for 2012 has been announced. Last year’s three-day full-weekend experience tickets sold out in less than a week, so this year the organizers have super sized this ecelectic and star-powered event by expanding it to two full weekends, both featuring a cast of artists capable of finding the sweet spot in any music lover’s gut.

Coachella 2012 Tickets 

Friday 3:30 AM Indio, CA tickets from $487
Friday 12:00 PM Indio, CA tickets from $515
Saturday 11:00 AM Indio, CA
Sunday 11:00 AM Indio, CA tickets from $567
Friday 3:30 AM Indio, CA tickets from $468
Friday 12:00 PM Indio, CA tickets from $459
Saturday 11:00 AM Indio, CA
Sunday 11:00 AM Indio, CA tickets from $567

An event that was rooted in an anti-Ticketmaster movement, Coachella Festival Tickets have quickly developed into one of the hottest commodities around each and every summer. The once music-free Polo Grounds now consistently draw a quarter of a imllion people this summer. In the past, three-day passes have been limited to only 60,000 or so. It’ll be interesting to see how many people can – and will – sign up for one of two three-day options at Coachella 2012.

Coachella Ticket Prices

It’ll be interesting to see how doubling the amount of dates for this year’s festivals affects Coachella 2012 Ticket Prices as time goes on. First, the event shouldn’t sell out as quickly. Second, you wouldn’t expect to see quite as much demand on the secondary market given the increased supply of baseline tickets.

However, the arrival of California legends Dr. Dre & Snoop, must-see on tour legends Radiohead and more recent sensations The Black Keys to this venue could have unexpected effects. Compared to this year’s face value, last year’s average only went up around 5% – who knows what kind of premium you may have to pay for the three day pass if you can’t buy one right away?

City State Venue Date Avg. Price
Indio CA Empire Polo Field 2011-04-15 $473.96
Indio CA Empire Polo Field 2012-04-13 $450.00

Coachella 2012 Lineup

The lineup rumors really started to hit a frenzied pace in the last months of 2011, so this official announcement via facebook is probably being met with some mixed feelings – some fans won’t get to see their favorite artist at Coachella 2012. Others, however, have been blindsided with the good news that Coachella 2012 tickets allow them to have their cake – HOLY COW I’M AT COACHELLA – and eat it, too – HOLY CRAP MY FAVORITE BAND IS HERE.

The three-day passes aren’t cheap, so you may need to take a few moments to decide if it’s worth your hard-earned cash. While you decide, check out our coverage on past Coachella Music Festivals. If you have a wide-ranging musical interest and cannot make it to SoCal for the fun, consider using our Columbus search to find acts and eventscloser to home that match your interests. If you have questions about Columbus or Coachella 2012 Ticket Prices, feel free to contact us on twitter @SeatGeek or email Enjoy all of the shows!