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It’s no secret that the Coachella Music and Arts Festival is one of the most popular music festivals in North America. Held annually at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, Calif., the event draws in over 250,000 attendees for two weekends of music, comedy and culture. Whether it’s a hologram-based Tupac performance, Beyonce stealing the show, or everybody’s favorite Yodeling Wal-Mart Boy, it’s no wonder that this massive festival sells out early every year.

Looking to be one of the 250,000+ in attendance next year? Check out our handy dandy guide that breaks down every single way to score tickets to Coachella.

What Sort Of Seating/Tickets Are Available At Coachella?

Coachella tickets are meant to be used over a three-day weekend. Buyers have the option of choosing “Weekend 1” or “Weekend 2” passes. Ticket options include:

  • General Admission Passes: GA allows admission to the venue, access to GA camping sites and daytime parking lots across all three days. Line and shuttle pass included.
  • VIP Pass: VIP ticket holders get entry into the venue and all three VIP venue areas. That includes the section right next to the main stage. VIP areas are also shaded and include picnic tables, couches, and extra restrooms. VIP pass holders can also visit food and beverage vendors as well as full cash bars.

In addition to GA and VIP passes, there are also options for camping on-site.

  • Tent Camping: The most basic form of camping available. Each campsite occupies a space of no more than 10 by 15 feet. The good news is you’re allowed to fit as many people into this space as comfortably possible. A companion parking spot adjacent to your campsite is available for purchase.
  • Car Camping: This is more or less a bundle option for those who want a campsite but also want their car nearby. The space available is 10 by 30 feet to compensate for the vehicle. As before, you can have as many people in this spot as comfortable. The caveat is that your car must stay in place all weekend; everyone arrives together. The maximum is one vehicle per car campsite. Standard passenger cars, trucks, or vans only.
  • Lake Eldorado: This is an exclusive camping area with all the standard camping amenities. But these guests get to rest in luxurious teepees and tents, with comfortable cots, sleeping bags, and pillows that are yours to keep!

Additionally, guests receive free exclusive showers, private access to flushable toilets and porta-potties, 24-hour concierge service, and more. Food and beverage vendors are nearby.

The Best Time To Buy Coachella Tickets

It seems the best time to buy Coachella tickets would be immediately after they go on sale. This music festival is extremely popular, so much so that tickets can sell out months in advance. But the good news is plans do change, and options may open up when you least expect it. Even if an event is seemingly sold out, you shouldn’t give up. By keeping an eye on all of the ticket-buying options outlined below, you can find yourself in a prime position to get your hands on Coachella tickets.

How to Buy Primary Coachella Tickets

Your first approach to buying Coachella tickets should probably be through the primary source, or via Coachella itself. These tickets will be priced at face value so they’ll likely cost less than getting them from a reseller, and you can take advantage of any payment plans or early-bird specials the festival is offering.

Official Coachella Pre-Sale

The Coachella pre-sale is your first chance to get tickets. To give you an idea of when pre-sales happen, the April 2019 event saw pre-sale tickets become available at the beginning of June 2018. Some fans may choose to wait until right before the festival and hope that last minute tickets become available for a lower price. It’s a serious gamble. Depending on the lineup, last minute tickets might be way more expensive than earlier options!

Sign Up For Mailing Lists

The best way to stay up-to-date on Coachella, including information about ticket sales, is to sign up for the official mailing list. You’ll likely know when tickets go on sale immediately and can react faster than having to find out through news reports or social media. You’ll also receive information on upcoming music acts and other need-to-know information ahead of heading to the festival.

Secondary Buying Option

Can’t get your tickets through Coachella? Not to worry. Secondary options can be a life and money saver! It’s also worth noting that if you’re willing to wait, Weekend 2 passes on the secondary market tend to go down in price once Weekend 1 festivities get underway.


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Quick Tips & Summary

In addition to the above, you can follow Coachella on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), for more information. You can also create a SeatGeek account to be notified of the availability of new tickets or price drops. It’s never too early to start planning your Coachella trip!

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