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We’ve all been there: you’re waiting in a digital queue to purchase festival passes, and suddenly they’ve sold out before you get your turn to check out.

Or maybe you realized a few weeks too late that you actually do want to attend Bonnaroo with all your friends after the full lineup debuts. Or quite possibly, there’s just too many concerts to keep track of, and so little time to snag tickets to all of them.

Avid festival goers searching for passes to sold out shows, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a guide on how to get sold out festival tickets for any event. Take a look at our go-to strategies below for how to cop those coveted festival passes – it might just be easier than you think.

1. Stay Up-to-Date on Ticket Announcements

Keeping track of when and where tickets go on sale is a must when trying to secure tickets to any given festival. Most festivals offer the option to join their mailing list. This is an excellent way to receive reminders about pre-sales, lineup announcements, and of course, when passes go on sale to the general public.

Additionally, downloading festival-specific apps can aid in making sure you don’t miss buying tickets hot off the press. The ever-popular Governor’s Ball has its own app that lets fans keep track of the lineup, when tickets go on sale, and what pre-sales they may be eligible for through push notifications. These reminders are sent straight to your lock screen so you never miss out on a pre-sale or other important date in order for you to be able to attend your favorite festival.

2. Waitlist & Weekend Exchange

The waitlist: it’s a system old as time. While a waitlist doesn’t guarantee you tickets to a festival, it’s better than no chance at all. Many festivals offer the opportunity to sign up for a waitlist via email, and fans are notified once more tickets are available. Again, while it’s not a guarantee, it’s totally worth a shot. Right now, the upcoming Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles currently has a waitlist open for fans to sign up for. So if you’re still looking for tickets, now’s the time to throw your name on the list.

Weekend Exchange programs are another way to ensure that you have an in to your favorite festival. Did you buy tickets for weekend one of Coachella, but all your friends bought passes for weekend 2? Sign up for a ticket exchange, and the festival organizers will do their best to swap your tickets with someone else on the exchange list. Programs like this are another great way to make sure you are able to attend a festival you might have already bought tickets to, just on a different day.

3. Volunteer

Many festivals offer volunteer programs, where attendees can work off the price of their ticket by signing up to become a festival volunteer. Mountain Jam offers a flexible volunteer program that allows participants various ways to pay off their ticket while being able to catch their favorite bands performing. If you missed out on buying passes to your favorite festival, signing up to volunteer might be the perfect option to get you through the gates and onto the festival grounds.

4. SeatGeek

SeatGeek is an excellent resource when it comes to copping tickets to a sold out event of any kind, let alone festivals. Those who are no longer able attend an event can easily sell their tickets on the platform, making it super seamless for fans searching for tickets to purchase them. SeatGeek’s mobile app makes it even simpler to search for tickets, with detailed seating charts, transparent pricing, and low fees. The next time you find yourself scrambling to get your hands on festival passes, check out the tickets that SeatGeek has to offer. You might just score the perfect deal on passes for you and all your friends.

5. Contests

From radio stations to social media channels, contests to win passes to festivals are offered through an array of platforms. Following a festival’s official social media pages is a great way to stay up-to-date on any giveaways they may be offering. Radio stations are also notorious for running live on-air contests where listeners can call in and win. And last but not least, taking note of a festival’s sponsors is important, as they are likely to host a contest to win tickets, too. While of course this isn’t a surefire way to solidify your entry to an event, it’s worth it to throw your hat in the ring. You never know when luck might be on your side.

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